Branding….Do you leverage your team to tell your story?

During recent travels to Berlin for work with a client, I had to stop into a department store to pick up some forgotten items.   As designed, as I was leaving a sales representative from Dior caught my interest and 15 minutes later I had a package of ‘much needed’ purchases from the designer.

I told her that it was fine to dump my very important purchases into the bag I was already holding.   I, of course, am green and take every opportunity to demonstrate this to others.   She smiled and packaged my purchases like a present.   As she wrapped she started telling me the story of the House of Dior and its affinity to the bow.   She told me the story of how Dior believed that it enhanced and drew attention to one’s self; the mindset of making one attractive or of value…much like a present.

She emphasized the last loop of the Dior bow on the package and then handed it to me.   The same package that I only 3 minutes prior had refused, as if she was handing me a gift from a close friend or confidant.   Even a bit of secret, like it was just between ‘us girls.’   It was only until half way down the street I have forgotten of my point of view of being green to a well-told story from a branding mastermind.

I am not sure if was her genius or the genius of organizational strength to tell the story of the brand of Dior.   In either case, I applaud her and the House of Dior in Branding 2.0.   Bravo, Bravissimo