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  • Navigating Strategy Revenue Planning in Today’s VUCA environment

    September 24, 2023

    Navigating Strategic Revenue Planning

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  • We must “Reinvent” our approach to be effective in the Return. Rather than waiting for the return.

    June 11, 2020

    Revenue Effectiveness…What worked in the past. Worked in the past

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  • A Focus on Revenue during Disruption

    April 21, 2020

    We are working with companies on how to strategize during this time to become bigger, better, faster, stronger in the return. We were excited to be apart of a discussion turned article for Hotel Management.   Please enjoy and keep looking out for more conversation and insights for the strategy planning of  “Retreat, Reinvent, Return”  […]

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  • The Customer-Buying Journey The importance of Account-Based Marketing and Sales integration.

    February 24, 2020

    Account Based Marketing Velocity Magazine  

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  • Account-based marketing. The integration of sales and marketing to co-create a customer-centric solution.

    February 16, 2020

    Listen to a webinar with Kate Burda and Dominque Côté on the importance of account-based marketing and the integration of sales and marketing. Breaking down silos & leveraging today’s marketing capabilities to create a value-based solution  

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  • Point of Inspiration vs. Point of Sale…ummm. dahhhh!

    November 6, 2019

    Quick quiz… if you manufactured soccer balls,  where would you rather have customers notice you?    At the sporting good store, were there are 30 other soccer ball companies or at the point where the coach hands mom the list of equipment for Ronaldo Jr. Hopefully you choose the later.   The point of inspiration. […]

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  • Tell me what it is you want to do with this wild and precious life

    April 12, 2018

    Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? -Mary Oliver. Our work comes to one core principle, “how do we serve others so that they become and in turn we become, greater than who we were before we met.” In working alongside a current client, I shared […]

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  • A walk in the co-innovation woods

    March 5, 2018

    How we see people is how we treat them. How we treat them is what they become. –Goethe My grandfather shared that with me when I was young. That is one of the reasons why Goethe is one of my favorite poets. We have the privilege of serving people, their teams, and the overall organization. […]

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  • The expansion and contraction of revenue. How do we compete and be relevant in the new economy?

    October 18, 2017

    Has the robust economy of the past let us get flabby? Throughout the year I have seen three critical effects from the strong economy from years past and the following contraction in the past year. 1- Sales team’s business acumen has decreased and has seeming fallen back to transactional selling with little understanding of consultative […]

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  • DISRUPTION…is a bad word or just an alarm clock?

    February 13, 2017

    In the past few years, the hospitality industry has seen more disruption than in the past. Third-party booking channels, OTAs, metasearch sites… they have all entered our industry and captured the attention of everyone. Yet, they shouldn’t have been a surprise. Innovative digital business solutions such as Uber and Airbnb have been proliferating for years. […]

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