Point of Inspiration vs. Point of Sale…ummm. dahhhh!

Quick quiz… if you manufactured soccer balls,  where would you rather have customers notice you?    At the sporting good store, were there are 30 other soccer ball companies or at the point where the coach hands mom the list of equipment for Ronaldo Jr.

Hopefully you choose the later.   The point of inspiration.

It is as easy as one-two-three

Now look at your strategic plan.   Specifically your marketing strategies and how you spend your marketing dollars.

One–  Are you investing on awareness campaigns and looking for a return on awareness?  Investors often ask me why they didn’t we see a return on our marketing dollars?    Yet the marketing team is doing work to create awareness.    Many times needed and important, yet very difficult to measure impact.  Even harder to find a ROI.   Learning:  Know why you are doing a campaign and how does it support your strategy.  Doing overall awareness creates…well…awareness.   Awareness does not equate to revenue.

Two Are you investing in targeting your most profitable customers?   If you are not doing marketing to your most profitable customers, then why are you doing it?   Does the targeting make sense?   Learning:  You have to know who you are targeting and you have to know what to say to them.

Three-  In that targeted campaign are you focused on the point of inspiration or the point of sale, or both?    Map the customer buying journey.  Don’t show up just at the point of sale.  ENGAGE with the customer…Walk with them beside their journey.   Learning:  If you don’t know what the customer buying journey is and you can’t map it.  Find someone who does.  psst… We can help you this.

If you aren’t on the customers buying journey, the path will not end up at your door.

I am so serious about this I travelled to Vienna to talk about it..  Talk about a journey!