Your Customers want to share their experience with others…so let them!

During a weekend getaway, we were running from here to there trying to fill the weekend with as much holiday cheer as 48 hours could contain.   We ducked into the Four Seasons to have a cup of hot chocolate with a bit of holiday spike to get us through the rest of the afternoon.

The wait staff delivered the hot chocolate with an intricate chocolate rosette laid on the top of the mug.   Atop the chocolate was a homemade marshmallow.

She stopped and asked me, “Don’t you want to take a picture? It really is beautiful”.   I jumped up and took a snap.   She continued, “Stay there and take a video. I ‘ll pour the milk over it and it will make a cool video.”   Again, I did as she suggested capturing a great moment in the weekend in Vail.

Here is the amazing part …the associate knew that people go to great lengths to post their cool experiences on Social Media or other channels.   Whether she did it purposefully or not I can’t answer.  What I can believe is she had been asked to take that photo / video for countless others. This is exactly what Marketing teams hope and dream that their people do to create a story, an experience, or a moment where customers can put themselves into the story with your product or service that is shareable and interesting!

It was the height of holiday season, in a winter wonderland, just before the holidays; a perfect ‘social media’ experience.

Does your team have the same awareness of how and when to capture those moments when customers are not using your product, but delighting in your product or service?    A round of applause to the Four Seasons for being present in a real and shareable way!

Are you helping customers to create those moments that can be shared?    If not, don’t worry someone else will be doing it for them.

Cheers and bottoms up!